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Just a few pictures from Atlantic City with Tiffany Dunn.

I’m very grateful for this opportunity to have worked with Tiffany and LaurieAnn’s team.  If anyone knew the circumstances I was under during this time, they’d know that I was pretty lucky to have landed this opportunity, and I’m thankful to Laurie Ann for seeing something in me and giving me this chance to work with them–they don’t know how happy they’ve made me.  It was definitely a dream come true—yet again.  I know this is only the beginning for Tiff and I’m so excited to her.

To the Sprites (Tiffany, Katie, and Sara) and Papa Sprite (Richard Jackson), good luck on the video in New York 🙂  I’m excited to see it and can’t wait to hear Tiffany’s songs on the radio!

She’s going places… be on the look out 🙂

in God we trust
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