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Coming from a conservative and strict Filipino family, I initially did not have any support when I resigned from my University to pursue my dream as a dancer.  Throughout life, I acted rebelliously and disrespectfully against my parents, proved myself a bad role model to my younger siblings, and avoided God’s sovereign power over my life.  Why would they support the decisions of a selfish, wreckless, juvenile?  They did not support me… nor could they stop me.

“I’ll do whatever I want.  I don’t need you.”  Immediately packs her bags, leaves her family with her dog, and moves out of the house… with no money and no plan.

In time, I grew fatigued of myself and repetitive nights of aimless partying and cloud chasing.  I was addicted to wreckless fun.  I was a dreamer, but never took action.  I was broke.  I was losing sanity.  I was afraid for my life.  I’m not afraid to admit it, and you wouldn’t believe some of the things I’ve done.  Soon, I hit rock bottom until a new spirit had filled me.. came to me in the most vivid dreams, suddenly causing me to re-evaluate the most important things in life–respect to God and honor and love to my family, being at the top.

Gradually, I began to make ammends with my family and things began to look up.  Familial support of me was earned through evident accomplishments following years of hard work and attention to my obligations.  By now, I’m in love with my family and feel lucky to have them.

This has not been the easiest road–battling to gain support and respect… but that’s life.  I thank God for revealing himself to me, for granting me a passionate heart, and for blessing me with the spirit to accomplish the impossible, to survive through countless storms.  I’m thankful for my loving family–the whole De-Aquino Rodriguez/Bristol/De Vera clan.

I pray to stay directed by His will.

in God we trust
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PROVERBS 31:10-31

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