In God She Trusts

So.. I Booked My First Job :D

Posted on: May 18, 2010

American Idol, here we come!!!!!

I’m thankful to this man right here for giving me my dream come true, and the rest of these amazing people for making the past few days the BEST thing I could ever ask for.


Director: Marty Kudelka Choreographer: Shaun Evaristo

AJ and Sarah James

Dancers: Dana Wilson and Devon Perri stretching

Dancers: Lyle Beniga, Johnny Erasme, and DMoe

sweaty buttmark….. -_-

Check out rehearsal footage here: MEET TRAVIS GARLAND
Perez Hilton stopped by our rehearsal to interview Travis

It’s funny how one small choice can change the course of your life.. (ahem…butterfly effect).  I was on the fence about auditioning for this due to my huge fear of auditioning.  Without having an agent, I told myself that I’d crash auditions anyway and test my luck.  I was hesitant to audition.. I was terrified during the audition cuz I’ve only been to about 4 in my entire life… but I had to keep in mind that this year IS different… this year, I’m gonna make it!  In the end, I’m glad I did something I knew I was afraid to do–Thank you to Knicole for calling me and telling me about this!  I wouldn’t have known about the audition if I didn’t hear it from you! Take chances… you never know what can happen….


We’ll be performing on AMERICAN IDOL tonight! What the heck?!?!? I .. don’t… really believe it yet…..  To be working with the people involved in this project is pretty unbelievable.  Travis is an amazing artist and is so talented.  To top it off, he’s hellamadd cool and humble and funny.. and he works damn hard.  By watching him, the other dancers, and the directors, I’m trying to soak in as much as I can at rehearsals.  I’m honored to be in the same room to watch how magic is made.  It’s exciting to watch your role models in action and to have the opportunity to learn from them.  I only hope to do my best–to listen, learn, and improve..

I want to thank those who believed in me by making them proud.. I want to thank those who’ve given me this opportunity and who saw something in me, cuz this is what I’ve been waiting for and I don’t want to let people down.  There’s so much excitement and gratitude I want to express that I don’t really know what to do with myself…. I’d freak people out if they could see how I’m really feeling inside.

Thank you Shaun. Thank you AJ.  Thank you Marty. Thank you Travis… Thank you everyone… I really could go on and on about this…. but… maybe I’ll write more after the show tomorrow 🙂

Catch it on TV if you can 😉

When God has a plan, things come together.
–Travis Garland

Thank you, Lord.

old video – Travis’ rendition of Beautiful Nightmare

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence


2 Responses to "So.. I Booked My First Job :D"

Congratulations April!! all your hardwork and dedication paid off, you truly deserve it!!! get it girl!!!

Hey April,

I discovered Essence pretty recently going through random videos on YouTube. It turns out I went to high school with Gigi.. anyway, I’ve been watching a lot of the videos of Essence and by you and I’m really surprised to read that you were afraid of going for auditions. The world of professional dancing is foreign to me and I’m sure there are a lot of talented people out there that you often compare yourself to but girl… you’re freaking amazing. I was at the Essence workshop in North Hollywood this past weekend and I could hardly keep up. I’m a perfectionist so I can understand where you’re coming from but you have to believe in yourself more. And in the end… it really doesn’t matter what this world tells you.. because it’s always going to tell you you’re not good enough and that you shouldn’t even bother. Keep God’s perspective.. His standards are so radically different and that’s what you should be living by. Have you seen that movie Chariots of Fire?? You should watch it… Anyway, sorry for the really long comment.. Just had to say something. Congrats on the show! I’ll keep an eye out for ya.

A fan,

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