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Hobby Vs. Profession

Posted on: January 28, 2010

PROLOGUE:  We live in a generation of self-made stars.  Look on YouTube and you’ll find channels of dancers, singers, make-up artists, actors, comedians, directors… all of them with high hopes to share their talents and to leave a lasting impression on people.  Why do people want this so much?! Well, if you could leave a positive legacy on the world with your skills or talent.. wouldn’t you want that?

We are an inspired generation. The feeling of inspiration is one of the best feelings we could ever feel, and with the opportunities available for us in these years, our sources and outlets of inspiration are everywhere.  To be inspired makes a person feel capable of, and responsible for, fulfilling their wildest dreams.  Inspiration precedes change, which precedes growth.  Think of times when you’ve been inspired… now think about how good it might feel to know you’ve moved someone else in that same way.  Inspiration, whether you GIVE it or GET it, has the power to change minds and to change lives.  It’s priceless 😉

People have asked me about my decision to turn this hobby into a profession… how I decided I would commit to it and what my deciding factors were.  I’ll say this:  I’ve always feared of leading a purposeless life. There were countless days I’d wake up, repeat my days studying in school or working at multiple jobs… doing what I was supposed to do, and what I was EXPECTED to do… which was fine… but I was always seeking MORE to the quality of my life and my work.  I always thought, there’s got to be more to this.  There’s a BIG OL’ WORLD OUT THERE!  My life is just a SPECK in time and the universe. Life and death were always in my thoughts, because every living thing-happy or not, eventually comes to pass.  God was also always in my thoughts.  So, in realizing the shortness of life and in questioning my purpose in life, I came to realize that God blesses certain things to become inspirational catalysts.. to change our minds for the better… to transform us in good and beautiful ways.

Over the past few years, I’ve been set on a spiritual path with God, trying to find answers to the profound questions of life.  Pursuing dance was less a question of hobby vs. profession, and more a desire to do something meaningful with my life.  Inspiration has the power to change lives. I’m still learning and hoping to do more in the name of the Lord… but so far… having met the people I’ve met, and having visited the places I never thought I’d visit in the past couple of years, I could die tomorrow and not be afraid.  God, bless.

“Inspire, and be inspired.”
–Happy B-day Essence Ladies!–

in God we trust
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1 Response to "Hobby Vs. Profession"

just so you know … isnt just your dance that inspired people … your words too, and i hope to see life clearly sometimes just the way you sometimes do … to feel my dance just closer to my dreams and closer to God . Thank you for share your thoughts …
im so sorry about my english … im brazilian.
God bless you.

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