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Life Is Precious: inspired by Cheryl Koo

Posted on: December 19, 2009

at first, this was a response to her recent Facebook post
but it turned into a novel… so if you have time, enjoy the read 🙂

We came into this world born alone, and out of this world, we will die alone. Throughout our lives, we follow our own individual paths that no other person can ever experience. God has made it that way for each of us… to be unique. Although we’re unique, we naturally crave to be UNDERSTOOD and we despise the feeling of LONELINESS. We know a great happiness when we think about the good relationships in our lives, because they erase this feeling of loneliness, and remind us that we are understood by others. These positive connections could not have been formed without LOVE, TOLERANCE, ACCEPTANCE, and UNDERSTANDING. Knowing that we’ve made a connection with others is THE accomplishment–it gives our lives purpose. God has made each of us different, but God has also made us to love compatibility and understanding.

I think what God wants from each of us is to learn how to love one another, because we’re all the same in that we hate being alone. NOBODY wants to be lonely. Loneliness cripples, and we should all think about THAT type of pain before we dismiss people in our lives. Some people are fortunate to have been born into a loving circle of family and friends. Some people are less fortunate… to be born into the worst living conditions–living in the worst places in Africa, born without limbs, born with diseases, or born in countries full of oppression and poverty. You could have been born into a place where people will kill you for what you believe! These things are real and are happening now! It COULD HAVE been you, but God had a different plan for us. So we should all be grateful and open our hearts to care for others, because NOBODY wants to be lonely. We all should know how that feels, because we’ve felt it sometimes, and should not want others to go through that, if we can help it.  We are selfish, otherwise.

In relationships, hurt happens… but HAPPINESS also happens after that. There exists no happiness WITHOUT the hurt, if you get what i’m saying. How can someone know the feeling of extreme happiness, if they never allow themselves to feel hurt?   I think that good relationships are worth every ounce of pain.  When you think about it, what painful experience hasn’t eventually led you to gain wisdom later on? What bad experience hasn’t strengthened you or caused you to grow? The quality of a relationship is only as strong as what it’s been through–ups and downs are inevitable, so people should move forward in positivity when going through rough times. Eventually, we learn so much from loving relationships and are fulfilled from it, despite how much hurt we’ve felt. Goodness will overpower the bad. Righteousness will overpower the wrong. Good relationships will last… bad relationships will eventually fail, and you wouldn’t have lost anything as long as you keep your eyes focused upward.

“People won’t remember what you said. People won’t remember what you did. But people will remember how you made them feel.”

Love is about protecting one another and wanting the best for one another. It’s about spreading “the light,” but sometimes being in “the light” requires you to expose the darkest parts of yourself in order to make lasting, substantial connections with others. It’s worth the sacrifice. It’s about learning to accept and tolerate others even through their faults and having the patience to wanna help each other grow. That’s the measure of our light and our heart–how selfless we can become after realizing how precious everyone’s life is in this passing world.

Rest in peace Chuck Frock, who was the most cheerful and best boss ever.  Son, brother, father, boss…. you are remembered for your kindness and big heart.

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence


2 Responses to "Life Is Precious: inspired by Cheryl Koo"

That’s just awesome.

Thank u 4 this.. it opened my eyes. =)

this is exactly what I think. people sometimes forget how others feel & are selfish enough to think of their own wellbeing. sometimes, you’re so busy with all the attention you might be getting that you forget about the people who’re lonely.

but people are people & they deserve to be treated the way we want to be treated. thank you so much for the post. its so inspiring.

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