In God She Trusts


Posted on: December 15, 2009

May the light of God open our eyes and our hearts.

One of the worst things we do as humans is to make ASSumptions about situations.. about people….

Relationships are broken because of ASSumptions.  Relationships stay broken because of ASSumptions.  Relationships never START because of ASSumptions.

In our egocentricity, we naturally believe ourselves to be right.  Don’t worry.  It’s not just you–it’s a natural feeling everyone goes through.  We’ve been taught to defend ourselves, so the intention is good–we’re just trying to protect the things we hold dear to us.

But we should know and keep in mind that if we don’t get our facts straight or SEEK to get our facts straight, we fall into the trap of eventually looking like fools in standing so boldly before the things we accuse.

It’ll take a lot out of us to break through that HUGE wall of pride we build… but we have to believe that good relationships are worth the energy and worth the pain.  We need each other to get along in this world.

None of us can make educated guesses without gathering as many facts and truths as possible. This is true about the things you learn in school and it’s true about forming relationships with people.

Before we ASSume, we should try harder in figuring out the truth and in putting our egos aside to learn understanding.

Then, bend in humility and admit your wrongs.  Here’s a secret: It actually takes a very strong person to do that.

PS.  MOM, God bless your head full of wisdom.
Despite my rebellious life, you’ve always been the
one person who keeps it real with me.  I know
you check up on my pages!  I’m not ashamed.
I        L O V E       Y O U       S O       M U C H    🙂

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence


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