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The Secret Behind The Secret

Posted on: December 10, 2009

People have recently asked me if I’ve read “The Secret.”  No I havent… I’ve heard about it and I’d like to one day, to get a better understanding of it… but here’s why…

The word of God teaches us to:

– ask, and you shall receive.
if you don’t ever ask and don’t push for what you want or need, you won’t get it.

– believe and always have faith,
because the blessings you need from life will come to you based on the philosophy of faith that you bring to contact with your life experiences.. and if you don’t have faith, by misdirecting your focus, you’ll miss the gifts God intends for you.

– your eyes are the windows to your soul… focus your eyes on dark and negative things, and you’ll only drown the light and the good spirit living inside you. protect your soul by focusing on the light and the good.  the light will shine through you.. and naturally, all things find hope in and want to gravitate towards the light = the holy spirit inside you.

People say that the universe will bring you good things, if you believe it will.  I believe God made the universe.

Trusting in “The Secret” is a little risky for me and before I read it, I don’t want to forget what I’ve been taught.  I think that the philosophy behind the Secret works… only because it contains God’s truths and God’s teachings… In my opinion, the people behind “The Secret” have taken God out of it, erased him from being the creator and originator of these truths, and instead make us believe that all of the power lies completely in US, without HIM… like someone else biting a dance move and claiming that they created it themselves… or some dope dancer claiming he was never taught or inspired by anyone–just learned and created everything on his own.  Taking it back to the beginning of all things, I believe that God is the source of all truths… and the Bible was written long before “The Secret,” only most people don’t care to read the Bible.

Life is VERY short, and I think about both life and death everyday, because I’ve lost people dear to me, and we never know when our own end will come even if we’re young. If I believe I’m gonna face God when I die,  I would be afraid to discredit him by giving myself or someone else credit for the truths and the powers he intended to pass down to us.

I get pretty upset when people bite dance moves and take credit that isn’t theirs.  I think God would be furious over something like this… it’s life we’re talking about… and he’s testing the kinds of things we put our faith in.

in God we trust
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3 Responses to "The Secret Behind The Secret"

Agreed kaonterpart 🙂


I love the way you dance :). I was wondering how old were you when you started dancing. I love to dance to but I have the feeling it’s too late to get “good enough”. I am now 18 years old and I started dancing like a year ago, and ever since I can’t stop thinking of it. Dancing makes me feel happy and sad, because i have the feeling I’ll never be able to be as good like other dancers who dance since they were young.

Thank you for your inspiring video’s, I hope I’ll reach my dream,


wow i super love the way said this: People say that the universe will bring you good things, if you believe it will. I believe God made the universe. —-5 stars for that!

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