In God She Trusts

Thanksgiving In Switzerland: Time For Reflection

Posted on: December 10, 2009

Thank you to Sero, Can, and Actin’ Poetry for bringing me out.  Being in Switzerland was such a pleasure–definitely a breathe of fresh air for me.  I really loved every part of my trip:  foreign food, Doner boxes, kebabs, the provinces, the cities, the dancing, driving through green pastures, the snow-topped mountains, the culture, and most of all the amazingly kind-hearted and generous people I’ve met.  Thank you to all of the cities for welcoming me–Luzern, Lausanne, Zurich, Bern (Limited Edition–familia… I miss you already!), Prilly, and Solothurn.

Stopover @ Amsterdam Schipol Airport

foreign soda

Actin’ Poetry Dance School

That thang was buggin the whole car ride.
Happy to have a familiar face from home with me.

Special hot dog maker!

Bomb chinese restaurant in Bern–Boky

Cream filling!  Do they have these in the U.S.?


Limited Edition Folks

St Ursen – Kathedrale

i need my fried chicken…

Where my Narbonne Gauchos at?!

Some more friends!  Pat X So Real.

Stupid camera for all these blurry pictures :*(
tm X soreal X essence.legacy in Switzerland

Cran . Red Bull . Grey Goose

Dr. Dre headphones.. why do they cost so much!!

Adobo . Pancit . Lumpia . MMMMMMMmmm!

Traveling on clouds.  Very surreal.

Again, being here on Thanksgiving–my first Thanksgiving away from family, really allowed me to spend some quiet time reflecting on dance, life, the world, and everything that’s happened to lead me up to this point of traveling and experiencing places and people like I never thought I would.  For the good times and even the bad, I’m very thankful to Father God for his blessings.  In reflection, I’ve realized that in the coming year I do want to grow spiritually stronger and God has really opened my eyes and my heart through this trip.  No, I’m not perfect and I don’t think I or anyone else will ever be… I’m not–we are not God … but it’s only a matter of time that my faith and the spirit inside me reaches it’s next level of enlightenment, and I know that it will get there, because God continues to reveal himself to me everyday of my life.  As the Christmas season approaches, my prayer for everyone is that we all will reach higher levels of our spirituality through the giving season and reflecting on the blessed and fortunate lives we’ve been graciously given.

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence


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