In God She Trusts

Going Big or Going Home

Posted on: November 16, 2009

inspired by Bruce Wilkinson’s Dream Giver

The only one who can stop you from achieving your dreams, is you.

One day, the Dream Giver gives you a dream.  From that day on… for weeks, months, and years, you hold your dream close.  You think about it everyday and it makes you feel good, but for some reason it exists only in your mind… maybe because your dream is so wild and so much different than the life you lead, that you can’t imagine it to be something REAL.

There are people who can’t escape the desire to pursue their dreams… and it is CRAZY… because  when you really think about it, the YOU in your dreams might be a totally different YOU–and we don’t always embrace what’s different.  In your dreams, you do things you’ve always wanted to do, but are afraid to do.  In your dreams, you possess all kinds of treasures and talents that you don’t currently have, but constantly wish for.  Your dream is the closest thing to PERFECT, isn’t it?  Many people deny their dreams though, because the road to perfect will lead them to this completely DIFFERENT world.  Naturally, we want to be comfortable, and are afraid of the unknown.  This FEAR is what stops most of us from living the life we dream of.  The road to dreams is foreign… risky… full of challenges, surprises, roadblocks, and detours when you least expect it… and you’ll find yourself in the SCARIEST and most uncomfortable places once you start your journey.  Are you willing to face your biggest fears?  Because your dream will FORCE you to face them.  Once you start walking the glorious path to your dreams, the only way out is to take courage and keep moving forward–or you can turn around, and go back home.

You’ve heard many success stories about people who have almost nothing and rise up against the challenges to become the great people they are… so you should know that anything is possible even for you.  These people decided to stop hiding their dreams and turn it into reality.  Of course, BIG dreams require BIG actions on your part.  Sometimes the pressure is too much and people have backed out, but we must never give up or settle for comfortable when we KNOW that we are destined for greater things and when we’ve worked so hard to get to where we are.  The Dream Giver has given you your dreams for a purpose.  Don’t forget that He’s there to help you and fill you with hope even in the scariest and darkest times.

  • Give your dream the chance you deserve.
  • Do not doubt, but have faith.
  • Trust in the Dream Giver.
  • Trust in your dream.
  • Trust in yourself.


in God we trust
<33 apes x essence


1 Response to "Going Big or Going Home"

deng this really got me thinking to push for what i want. thanks for this post apes u always speak the truth! much love 🙂

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