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For Dancers Who Don’t Dance For Artists…

Posted on: October 24, 2009

Dancers who don’t dance for artists don’t matter.

I won’t mention who said this or where I heard it (you might be able to guess that it came from someone who does dance for artists) but as someone who doesn’t dance for artists, hasn’t had the opportunity to dance for them before, and lives off of teaching others to cultivate their talent… I find this a little offensive.

To dance for an artist is definitely a great accomplishment for a dancer, but there’s a load of other things that factor in to getting booked, and I hope people understand THAT, before they let someone else tell them they don’t matter or that they don’t know how to dance or that they aren’t talented.  To book jobs after jobs after jobs in the industry requires more than an ability to dance.  Your looks are a factor… the way you look standing next to the artist themselves… your ethnicity.. your body build.. your hair… your face…. WHO you know… what you’ve done before… etc.

Don’t get me wrong.  Dancing for artists builds a lot of credibility and respect because of the competition.  I idolize lots of people who continue to book jobs over hundreds of dancers who audition.  I would LOVE to dance for an artist someday soon, and haven’t even done so myself cuz it’s not easy.

But on a personal note, there’s more to dance than dancing behind an artist.  Though it may be a great goal, it’s not EVERYTHING.  People express themselves through dance.  People are able to create and turn their imagination into reality through dance.  People are given a positive outlet through dance.

People who haven’t danced for artists yet, might have some more to work for… but as someone so experienced in the field, you should educate… not belittle or devalue other people’s hard work.

Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great
–Mark Twain

in God we trust
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3 Responses to "For Dancers Who Don’t Dance For Artists…"

Cmmm. lol. The person who wrote that is funny. Honestly I don’t care what she thinks. She must have a nice life. Dancers who don’t dance for artists don’t be discouraged. It’s not a thing. 🙂

dancers ARE artists… let’s not forget that!!!

Dancers are artists, and when you dance for the sake of others and yourself, can’t nobody tell you it doesn’t matter.

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