In God She Trusts

London Town

Posted on: August 13, 2009

… was quite nice.  Classes were bare massive 😀

mine and kyle’s dip it low

peep album one

peep album two

It would take me forever to write about how much fun I had…

Some highlights/lowlights/memories:
– LA traffic is nothing compared to London traffic.
-Drivers in London don’t care about pedestrians…..
– Customer service is NOT crackin.
– Toilet flushes are weak.
– Asians with English accents = dope.
– All the dancers we met were hellamadd coo people 😀  I miss them the most.
– Kyle, Ellen, Chiba, and I getting lost on the Underground railroad…
– Best day = GET BUCKingham palace. aslan(s). bah rumba. big ben. london eye.  nando’s chicken. where’s waldo.
–   april fails throughout the whole trip.
– choreographing with kyle
– performing at IDC with Caramel, Xavi, and Carlos 😀

– performing with the students.
– meeting everyone in London 😀
– Bueno’s chocolates
– fried chicken EVERYWHERE!!!!
– italian hazelnut ice cream w/ alcohol.  MmmMMMmm.
– portions are hellamadd small in europe.
– SUCCULENT strawberry.
– getting to know kyle, ellen, joey, erik, and anthony 😀
– not having your cellphone is refreshing and frustrating at the same time.

tis all for now.  thank you to TK and Spin for hosting us!  two weeks in London was really a dream come true!  yay for spontaneity.  yay for dance!

NEXT STOP:  leaving for Asia in two days w/ Essence.  Be back in September. 😀

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence


3 Responses to "London Town"

Do you not have Nando’s in the US? It is the best thing everrrr.
Oh and dont think that the rest of us in the UK are are rude as Londoners haha we’re not.
Oh and “bare” hahaha did you learn that word in London?

you forgot to mention your new found love of Lucozade

Dude, lemme know next time you go to London. You hafta go to my dad’s Filipino Restaurant k? Next time!

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