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Legacy Stays iConnected

Posted on: April 22, 2009

DSC01178.jpg picture by apesxessence

A few nights ago, Legacy performed at CSLA’s show iConnect.  CSLA is the bamb dat cam!  The show was entertaining and very educational.  Culture Shock always manages to get positive messages across and I love them for it!  We’re missing a lot of that .. all the time, aren’t we?  For those of you who missed it.. mmm.. it spoke volumes to this new generation… addressing the fact that although technology is progressing, real communication and personal connection is becoming more distant.  How much will you make that extra effort to stay connected?

DSC01179.jpg picture by apesxessence
DSC01181.jpg picture by apesxessence

Tired ones.
DSC01187.jpg picture by apesxessence

Start treatment 🙂  TACOS!
DSC01182.jpg picture by apesxessence
DSC01183.jpg picture by apesxessence

Oh.. I just have to give it up to Arnel and Mike too.  They just flew in from South Africa and joined us that night to help with the show and perform.  Those two are troopers!  Great job to all the performers!  Ooh… Fanny Pack was there too.  Killers–all of em.

DSC01191.jpg picture by apesxessence

yummy wall. DSC01190.jpg picture by apesxessence

Here’s the performance.

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence

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