In God She Trusts

Winnipeg, Day One

Posted on: April 4, 2009

First off… airports suck.  ALWAYS confirm your seat with the actual airlines the day before you travel anywhere!!  Despite frustrating airline issues, I finally got to Winnipeg!  Geez.. unfortunately, Phillip was in the same situation as me, but I got lucky and made it here on time.

Judging and witnessing In The Zone was amazing!  Thank you to Romeo and Un1te for bringing me out and making MY dreams come true by this opportunity!  The weekend’s not over yet!!!  We’ve still got workshops and an entire weekend ahead of us.  I’ve met a bunch of cool people and I can’t wait to chill some more!

Some pics:

…aka.. Restrooms
DSC01016.jpg picture by apesxessence

It’s snowing here!!!!!!
DSC01017.jpg picture by apesxessence

DSC01024.jpg picture by apesxessence

DSC01026.jpg picture by apesxessence

After the show

DSC01047.jpg picture by apesxessence

DSC01059.jpg picture by apesxessence

DSC01055.jpg picture by apesxessence

Can’t be in Canada and NOT get Poutine–fries, gravy, and cheeeeeese.
DSC01064.jpg picture by apesxessence

6 yummy apple pies & 6 rockstars please
DSC01065.jpg picture by apesxessence

DSC01066.jpg picture by apesxessence

Crappy recap footage.. I’m uploading it from my hotel room and it’s madd slow.
I’ll fix it later.

Teaching workshops tomorrow with Jun and Philip!  Come through =)

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence


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