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A few nights ago, Legacy performed at CSLA’s show iConnect.  CSLA is the bamb dat cam!  The show was entertaining and very educational.  Culture Shock always manages to get positive messages across and I love them for it!  We’re missing a lot of that .. all the time, aren’t we?  For those of you who missed it.. mmm.. it spoke volumes to this new generation… addressing the fact that although technology is progressing, real communication and personal connection is becoming more distant.  How much will you make that extra effort to stay connected?

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Tired ones.
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Start treatment 🙂  TACOS!
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Oh.. I just have to give it up to Arnel and Mike too.  They just flew in from South Africa and joined us that night to help with the show and perform.  Those two are troopers!  Great job to all the performers!  Ooh… Fanny Pack was there too.  Killers–all of em.

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Here’s the performance.

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What spot?!


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The best place ever!

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Buddy visited us from the bay, so we had to take him!! DSC01174.jpg picture by apesxessenceDSC01175.jpg picture by apesxessenceDSC01176.jpg picture by apesxessenceDSC01177.jpg picture by apesxessence

I love my friends.  MIA:  Mike Song

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Advice For New Dancers

1) Love, Sex, and Magic

2) Fire

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To celebrate our last night, we went bowling and ate dinner.

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No teeth game
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In the morning, some of the guys took me to the airport.

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Home sweet home!
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It’s amazing what traveling can do to someone.  You can come back feeling like a different person… like you’ve lived a different life.  Thank God for this big, humongous world.  Thank God for this opportunity for me to see beyond my small bubble.. and become aware of the world that’s out there.  We all are so small.. but the impressions we leave on people, can last forever.

Winnipeg was such a great experience.  It was a breath of fresh air but it was very short and I wish it could’ve been much longer.  I hate going some place and having not enough time to experience the people and the culture well enough.

Anyway, I’m still high off of it.  So, thank you to everyone for making my trip worthwhile.  Keep dancing.. dream big.. and I’ll see you all again on the road up! =)

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Just a picture post.
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Instructors by dayDSC01071.jpg picture by apesxessence

You Know What‘s by night 😉   Just kidding.  DSC01079.jpg picture by apesxessence

Un1te took us out to a club for a good night of dancing and drinking =)  We had to teach the next morning, so things didn’t get too crazy!

Our host Kristyn.  Thank you for EVERYTHING!
DSC01092.jpg picture by apesxessenceI obviously had nothing to drink….

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After the club, we were madd hungry.. so we headed off to Denny’s.  Why did it take 2 hours to get our food?  We got home around 4:30am and had to be up at 10am.  Ya, kind of a stressful thing.. but I had a great time with the “Winnipegians” haha.  I mean, FRIENDS.  They took very good care of us.

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I woke up the next day feeling SUPER EXHAUSTED!  We went home after the workshops and had a good nap before going out again and enjoying our last night in Winnipeg.

in God we trust
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First off… airports suck.  ALWAYS confirm your seat with the actual airlines the day before you travel anywhere!!  Despite frustrating airline issues, I finally got to Winnipeg!  Geez.. unfortunately, Phillip was in the same situation as me, but I got lucky and made it here on time.

Judging and witnessing In The Zone was amazing!  Thank you to Romeo and Un1te for bringing me out and making MY dreams come true by this opportunity!  The weekend’s not over yet!!!  We’ve still got workshops and an entire weekend ahead of us.  I’ve met a bunch of cool people and I can’t wait to chill some more!

Some pics:

…aka.. Restrooms
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It’s snowing here!!!!!!
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After the show

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Can’t be in Canada and NOT get Poutine–fries, gravy, and cheeeeeese.
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6 yummy apple pies & 6 rockstars please
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Crappy recap footage.. I’m uploading it from my hotel room and it’s madd slow.
I’ll fix it later.

Teaching workshops tomorrow with Jun and Philip!  Come through =)

in God we trust
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