In God She Trusts

The Other Duck To The Future…

Posted on: March 29, 2009

The Other Duck got a glimpse of the future in fashion, music, and art at Project Ethos the other night in LA. LMFAO and Colbie Caillat were spotted as performers here in previous years before their big break as artists.  Every year, Ethos showcases upcoming artists who are very close and on their way to blowing up and becoming the hottest names in the media.. and we had the amazing opportunity to witness this and be a part of it.

I worked the booth all night so I don’t have pictures of the runway during the show.  Peep the OtherDuck website for that!

DSC00976.jpg picture by apesxessence

DSC00979.jpg picture by apesxessence

DSC00981.jpg picture by apesxessence

DSC00994.jpg picture by apesxessence

Just when you feel like you have no one around…
DSC00980.jpg picture by apesxessence
… your friends do nice things for you.  Thank you for coming to my rescue with the booth, and on last minute.  I love you both.

Overall, it’s always a great experience getting to meet people and talk about something meaningful to you.  In my case, it was this company, who we are, and what we stand for.  Calimbz and Cuenzz did a great job too!  People were attracted by the bright, bold, and different vibe we had goin on at the venue.  We were very happy to talk about TOD and tell it’s story.

DSC00983.jpg picture by apesxessence

DSC00999.jpg picture by apesxessence

What’s that crackin spot on Sunset and Gower?  You know it!
DSC01005.jpg picture by apesxessence

DSC01006.jpg picture by apesxessence

DSC01004.jpg picture by apesxessence

Kooch had a miserable night… Just kidding!  We had a very good show.  I’m sure everyone remembered her for being the Other that stood out and did her thang.  What a profound message she preaches.  I’m so proud of her and will always support her along this incredible journey through life.

Is anyone interested in helping us at our next event?!  Come along!  We’re fun!

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence


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