In God She Trusts

Your Ethnicity Isn’t Something You Can Just “Make Up”

Posted on: March 20, 2009

Controversial, yet insightful spoken word on the subject of image in an image-obsessed world. 

Slip of The Tongue by Adriel Luis
Video by Karen Lum 

I’ll admit this.  Personally, I bend to the pressures put on me by my surroundings to look a certain way, because people don’t take me seriously if not.  I guess that gives me more reason to love dance and art so much.  The fact that, when I’m dancing, my appearance means much less to me next to the quality of my movement… THAT liberates me.

in God we trust
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3 Responses to "Your Ethnicity Isn’t Something You Can Just “Make Up”"

so random, but i was searching for my name on wordpress to see how my blog shows up in search results. and then i came upon this post about my film, and i clicked on your picture which led me to your youtube page. YOU’RE THE FUCKING BOMB. such an amazing dancer. i dance, but i wish i could be as spirited and raw as you. keep it up!

aww thank you so much. i really appreciate it. you’re amazing!!! it’s great that the internet can draw ppl together. i’m really happy that you left me a comment 😀

you’re pretty f!@$ing cool too 😀

aw thank you 🙂 hey, where are you from?! because if you ever teach classes in the sf bay area, i’d love to take a class!

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