In God She Trusts

Late Post: New Years 09

Posted on: March 18, 2009

A family occasion.  Ya, I know it’s late!  Just stumbled on these and thought I should post em asap–like, before the new year.

My grandma is the best cook!  She worked for Danding Cojuangco (candidate for Philippine presidency in 1992) as a cook.  She’s amazing!  My mom’s sister (Auntie Josie, background/white shirt) came from the Philippines and celebrated New Years with us.
DSC00867.jpg picture by apesxessence

Story time.  If your parents are VERY ‘Filipino’, you know how it is!
DSC00862.jpg picture by apesxessence

DSC00868.jpg picture by apesxessence

DSC00871.jpg picture by apesxessence

My brother and Shadley think they can get ‘drunk’ off of cider.
DSC00869.jpg picture by apesxessence

DSC00876.jpg picture by apesxessence

Edgardo Rodriguez Jr. and Jolly May Rodriguez
DSC00877.jpg picture by apesxessence

Apparently I get my personality from my Dad.
Edgardo Rodriguez Sr. and Jubilee June Rodriguez
DSC00872.jpg picture by apesxessence

I love my family very mucho.. and I know it’s late, but I’m looking forward to many, many more years of trials, tribulations, and growth with them.  Thank you God for these amazing people.

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence

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