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Inspirational Person Blog: R-Les

Posted on: February 2, 2009


For a long time I’ve known that Ryan Leslie sings and produces his own music, but it wasn’t until recently that I developed a deep admiration for him and decided that he is somebody I’d want to be like.  Whenever I listened to Ryan Leslie in the past, I wasn’t really blown away by his vocal range.  I didn’t really think he was the best singer in the world.  I loved the sound of his voice… so soothing.  I loved the mood of his music though… his lyrics.  In his work, you can tell that although he’s not the best vocalist–and he admits it, there’s still something more to Ryan Leslie… something of substance.

So I looked him up on YouTube and watched his channel:  RyanLeslieTV.  THAT’S when I started to fall in love with him and realized that I could learn so much from him as an artist.  Successful.  Passionate.  Creative.  Confident.  Talented.  In the midst of it all, he seems like such a humble guy.  I don’t KNOW him, but it blows me away whenever I see good people in the entertainment industry.  I admire his talent, his passion, and his ability to turn his dream into an amazing reality.  I watched several of his videos.  I think this one has to be my favorite so far.


Why is it my favorite?  He’s doin his thang and he’s letting others see his work in progress.  THAT’s always interesting to me.  It’s educational for me to watch how other people
work.  It’s a reminder to me that it takes a lot of work to accomplish great things. 
This song is called GIBERISH, and it’s pretty crazy how a song with nonsense words
can mean so much to me. 

Here’s a Grey Goose commercial where he says a few notable things..
things I know I’ll keep in mind, in pursuit of my own dreams as an artist

“I may not be the most proficient keyboard player, or guitar player, or have the vocal acrobatics of y’kno someone that’s more trained.  Man, when I get in my own zone, it’s like euphoric y’kno, and i think that that translates to people.”

“I believe that that positive energy from people who’re doing what they love to do, man it creates a world in which people are really contributing the most they can contribute.  When your passion is your profession, it’s like the american dream y’kno.”

Thanks for reminding me not to give up.

in God we trust
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