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Reality TV.. not so real

Posted on: January 30, 2009


That’s all I’m gonna say.

Well.. and this.. you wanna watch a real dance competition?  Come to the competitions we have out here in the community.  Come to some shows out in Hollywood.   Go to REAL battles and jams.  

ABDC is iggnant.  Ultimately, it’s a TV show where the dancers are merely chess pieces that the producers and directors move around to their liking.  I’d like to one day attend a competition without politics involved.  How much do we really know that votes count?!  TV is deceiving.  They can actually do whatever they want… for the sake of entertainment and they can do a GREAT job at covering it up.  Sneaky, sneaky people.. but they are experts in knowing what grabs attention and they don’t mind hurting feelings of those involved to get their desired result.  I’ve never been on TV… but.. I’ve experienced enough from Reality TV in the past to know what’s up.

Not saying that the crews on the show aren’t talented.  They’re madd dope.  I guess I’ve opened this topic not just talking about ABDC, but all reality TV shows in genereal.  It’s just…
when it comes to talent, if you want classy, go to a theater.  Nothing on reality TV goes without a little distortion.  

As Shakespeare said,  “All the world  is a stage.. and the men and women are merely players.”  Think about TV.  Who controls what we see?  Who has the power to cut and edit the final product?  And we underestimate exactly how MUCH power these producers do have.  Hmm.  The ‘actors’ can act their parts… but think of how much power lies in the people who mold what we see into the final product.

I’ve known this truth about reality shows for a while.  I’m not bitter.  Twisting truths and causing drama is definitely gonna evoke interest and draw attention.  I have many friends who are entertainers and who’ve gotten their souls sucked away through the pull of the limelight.  That’s what happens on TV… but if you know and understand that, and are okay with the consequences and ready to face them, it’s up to you.

I don’t vote and I have never voted cuz I don’t believe in it
but.. I hope Quest and Beat Freaks go all the way to the top.


in God we trust
<33 apes x essence


3 Responses to "Reality TV.. not so real"

This is so true
first Kaba then TM
not that the others aren’t talented but obviously how voting works isn’t real.

what you wrote is very true. watching seasons 1&2 i was fine with, but this season seems too rigged. after watching this current season, me & my crew are second guessing ourselves to even audition for season 4 of ABDC ( if there is one ). since your crew didnt make the cut for season 3, that means if essence was to audition for season 4 you wouldn’t be a part of it ?

and that’s exactly why i stopped watching after season 1.

it just sucks because people can’t see real raw talent out there, ya know? some only see and believe stuff they see on TV. 😦 like you said, competitions in the community, that’s where everything gets down hardcore!!!

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