In God She Trusts

Kaba Modern Legacy VIBE XIV

Posted on: January 29, 2009

Arnel going over locking
DSC00892.jpg picture by boobeezee

Boys working very hard during rehearsal.
DSC00893.jpg picture by boobeezee

Migz and Glur
DSC00895.jpg picture by boobeezee

Kaonter and Kaonter and Fake-kaonter.. kaonterfake.. Carlin
DSC00896.jpg picture by boobeezee

Pj and Kyle..  I think they’re sexy
DSC00897.jpg picture by boobeezee

but AJ is the sexiest…
DSC00899.jpg picture by boobeezee

Eric’s mating face.
DSC00900.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00901.jpg picture by boobeezee

I <33 JB aka Pretty Boy
DSC00903.jpg picture by boobeezee

Prince and Princess Aj
DSC00905.jpg picture by boobeezee

The beautiful Mariel Martin
DSC00906.jpg picture by boobeezee

Woop Blurry… Val Pal and CuenzzDSC00907.jpg picture by boobeezee

Donna and Richie =P
DSC00909.jpg picture by boobeezee

a few Essence ladies for ya <33
DSC00910.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00911.jpg picture by boobeezee

peep our performance.  MIA  Jia Huang and Laura Edwards because they’re dancing for Britney!!!!!
check it <33

Bebegurls.. thinking of Allison 
DSC00912.jpg picture by boobeezee

Again… thinking of Allison.
DSC00913.jpg picture by boobeezee

YaY!!!  We have Allison!!!!!  and.. tony.. haha
DSC00915.jpg picture by boobeezee

Legacy gettin ready for Vibe
My badd– Mike Song “Season ONE”

Legacy @ Vibe playaz!

You’ll be able to find more angles on YouTube.. this is just one of em.. pretty shaky, but pretty close to the stage.   

Aside from my knee cap popping outta place during the performance, this was pretty tite! =P  Haha I looked like a fool.

Being able to dance w/ fam definitely makes performances more meaningful than if I was performing with random people I didn’t know.  I miss all the rehearsals already.. I miss the anticipation of Vibe… I miss stressin out trying to get ready for Vibe.  This was a great performance to bring many of us together–some of us who’ve never danced with each other before too.  I hope this is really just the beginning for Legacy.. for all of us cuz we’re meant for something bigger.. together.. somehow =)  

Holla to my Kallusive peeps too.  I am honored to be a member of this crew–to be dancing with some of these guys is truly a blessing for me cuz they’re super sick at what they do.  I am going to soak up all that I can while I have this opportunity to!  Diversity is essential.

I have a feeling that this is just the beginning.. well….
I kinda always have this feeling… that we aint done yet….
and doesn’t it feel good knowing you’ve succeeded in winning one prize
while there are still so many more prizes waiting to be claimed?

in God we trust
on floors we bust
<33 apes x essence


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