In God She Trusts

On Rejection

Posted on: January 7, 2009

ABDC Season 3 crews announced by Hip Hop International.

Written October 28, 2008

” Regardless of what kind of life we lead.. what kind of career path and occupation we take, people are more often that not afraid of REJECTION. Sometimes, people are trapped by this fear and become so weakened by it that it keeps them from realizing their potential and developing themselves to shine and perform as they should. Sometimes, it keeps people from achieving their dreams… this fear makes them feel foolish… makes them think that their ambitions aren’t worth a lifetime of humiliation and criticism.

I, as a normal human being, have experienced a great amount of rejection in my life. In the past, these experiences have crippled me to the point of being afraid of others… being afraid of opening up to others and voicing my ideas and my true self. Wonder why I get so shy sometimes? That’s the reason. Rejection made me afraid of taking risks. I closed off to others… hid my talents… agreed to stay in the shadows and remain quiet… all in fear of REJECTION.

This is where I can be a witness to the good that DANCE has to offer. Dancers face a lot of rejection in pursuit of their careers. Dancers have to face an audience several times throughout their days, weeks, months, and years.. during classes, during performances, during auditions where dancers expose themselves and give others the opportunity to criticize them and shoot their self esteem down. Dancers are forced to come face to face with that fear of rejection in order to get anywhere. Dancing has changed me and continues to change me through forcing me to face my fears on the daily.

With that said… Essence auditioned for ABDC for the third time. We’ve been rejected twice already, and I would really NOT like to be rejected a third time. Y’kno what I’m sayin? To be very honest, rejection has served me good recently. When in the past, I’ve allowed rejection to push me deeper into a hole, I now take a more positive outlook on it and use it to my advantage. Reject me, and I’ll push harder to prove something. Keep me in the shadows, and you’ll only fuel me to shine brighter than you would ever expect of me. Don’t believe it? Just watch. I don’t stop. I love dancing too much and know that I have more to offer. I’m slowly learning it and slowly owning up to it.



God, I accept rejection… I accept my struggles… because I know it produces perseverance. Perserverance, then hope. Hope, then life. I am ready to face challenges, to be free, and to fight for my dream instead of waiting for it to fall on my lap.

It’s about time.”

So.. we didn’t make ABDC.. again. Hah.  It’s coo.  More things to come fasho… but big upps to the homies who made it!  Big changes for everyone in the show… good ish.

Hmm.. this should be a constant motivation for me.  I’ve been sitting on my butt doing nothing recently.  I’ve forgotten my motivation.  I’ve forgotten to keep it up.  I’ve forgotten to thank God that He’s giving me chances minute by minute to do something pure, good, and productive. 

– Spend time and energy wisely.
–  Always challenge yourself.–Shaun Evaristo
– Take courage.. close your eyes and just step forward when you’re afraid.
– Don’t doubt your potential.–MikeSong 
– Dare to be ugly.–Cheryl 

Thank You for dance.  Thank You for inspiration.  Thank You, God!  

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence

1 Response to "On Rejection"

and i thank YOU for this encouragement 🙂
Romans 8:28 says that all things work together for good to those who love God. there’s prolly a better plan for you and the girls, and we’ll continue to support you! 😀

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