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1) “Dance company to show, teach moves at workshop”

2) “Squad teaches dance moves”

hOlla penn state!

me likey =D  thanks RAM squad!!!!!  i miss.. super mario brothers..

in God we trust
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Thank you to everyone who came out!  Thank you to everyone who hosted us and took care of us!  Thank you to all the studios!!!!

Thank you Gigi for everything you have done for me.  You’ve been a big part of my life for a long time and I’m glad we’ve had so much to share with each other.  Through the ups and downs… near or far.. you know I got chu girl.  Thank you for everything.  I hellamadd love you.  Thank you ESSENCE.  I hellamadd love YALL!  Thank you EVERYBODY!!!!!  2008 was great!  2009’s bout to get popppppppin!  wHooP!

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence

Here are some pictures from Still… another fashion show with The Other Duck.  Cheryl gathered together some fly ladies and fellas… got a little help from the dopest makeup artist Ms. Tai and more help from some lovely hairstylists.. and we were all set!  

Check it!

I spot a cookie…. a choreo cookie =P  Ms. Dea all the way from SD! 
DSC00714.jpg picture by boobeezee

Weapons line on display.  Choose your weapon!
DSC00716.jpg picture by boobeezee

Reese and Sarr gettin beautified.
DSC00718.jpg picture by boobeezee

Halfswans.. half dressed 
DSC00720.jpg picture by boobeezee

Ms. Amy Lee
DSC00721.jpg picture by boobeezee

NJ the Penguin
DSC00724.jpg picture by boobeezee

Filipino geisha and… trendy robber
DSC00726.jpg picture by boobeezee

Body art
DSC00730.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00731.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00733.jpg picture by boobeezee

Monologic on display
DSC00734.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00737.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00739.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00740.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00743.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00745.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00747.jpg picture by boobeezee

Sexy sexy =P

Get you ish now!  hOlllllaaaa!

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence

Finally, soul twin and I get to collab.  Thanks to Jason and Chicago for your love and support =)  We had a great time.  I can’t say that enough!

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence

I’d like to present … 
interviews of two very special, wise, and talented female dancers who were interviewed by  They come from groups like Kaba Modern, Funkanometry LA, TM, and Essence.  whOop! 

Miss Janet Langer

Miss Knicole Haggins


Just uploaded:  Candz and Geeg @ BDC in NEW YORK!

They inspire me everyday  =) and I hope they inspire you too.   Holla Boogiezone!

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence

I was very happy to teach my 3rd Boogiezone class!  I’ve officially visited all 3 locations.  First Hype, then Focus, and lastly, Jayvee!  Thank you Elm for the opportunity to teach!  I loved every second of it and I proudly represent Boogiezone wherever I go.

Thank you to EVERYONE who came to class!  INOJ’s been taught for a while now, but I’m glad yall had a good time and KILLED it.  Thank you all for your energy and for your support.  It does mean a lot to me. 

Peep mah interview.  Holla!

Again, thank you all for your support!  

More upcoming thangs this week.

Wednesday:  Teaching at DEBBIE REYNOLD’S with Ms. Gigi Torres @ 5:00pm.

Thursday:  Other Duck @ Still–art exhibition show in HOLLYWOOD.

Friday:  Teaching at HYPE Studios (as seen on ABDC Season One) with Joesar Alva (Boogie Bots, ABDC Season Two) @ 6:30pm.

Hope to see you guys at some of these events!  It’ll be fun, I PROMISE!!!!! 

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence


1211STILL.jpg picture by boobeezee

Love fashion? Art? Music? If so, you don’t wanna miss this HUGE event!

KING KING in Hollywood
December 11th, 2008

Only 21 and over, please.

Come out and support the Other Duck as well as a few of our fellow friends, models, and sponsored dancers.  Hope to see you guys there!  Be a part of TOD’s story =)

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence

PROVERBS 31:10-31

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