In God She Trusts

Essence MVMNT in Tampa, Florida

Posted on: November 22, 2008


Essence was hosted by Solesick and Vyb while we were in Tampa.  Angel even took some dope pics of class while they were goin on.  Get it!  Again, Tampa was a very short visit–not enough time to kick it with people, cuz of our workshop in Orlando the day after.  =/  Boo.  Nevertheless, we still had a great time.  Thank you Reign, Solesick, and Vyb for making this possible us and for your support!

l_c156da3ee5a64df0a0e26a19066d2f54.jpg picture by boobeezee

l_55ddf6f421184f5282ce661543c2b510.jpg picture by boobeezee


l_3a6e979a5fad4649a5c3ba8f145ca1b5.jpg picture by boobeezee

l_61ce54e7ad304cecb16260cefb03ab6d.jpg picture by boobeezee

l_06b8fa1caeed43bbb34b99cedc1fe972.jpg picture by boobeezee

l_1e50d6c3805843fab9ee026a55578c7a.jpg picture by boobeezee

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence


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