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Essence MVMNT Moves to Pennsylvania!

Posted on: November 16, 2008

Quick picture post…

We taught at Penn State and everyone seemed to have fun. Teaching at the college was definitely different than what I expected… Well, I actually didn’t know what to expect.  It’s always interesting to visit campuses from other states.  Each campus has it’s own vibe–culture.  Twas definitely different from what I’m used to.  

n9354137_52796524_163.jpg picture by boobeezee

n9354137_52791905_2722.jpg picture by boobeezee

We got interviewed by the school newspaper and got asked a lot of questions by students who were in their early stages of dance.  It’s a blessing to be able to offer curious students some advice and to share our experience as dancers with them.  I definitely felt blessed for this opportunity and had a lot of fun!

DSC00496.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00498.jpg picture by boobeezee


n9354137_52791906_2998.jpg picture by boobeezee

We had great students who were excited to dance in the middle of going to class!  Thanks to all those who participated and supported the MVMNT!

The weather there was funny tho–one minute it’d be sunny, then it’d rain, then it’d snow.  Couldn’t make up it’s mind!  Candace wanted to eat the snow!DSC00501.jpg picture by boobeezee

Here’s a funny pic
 n513422035_1170002_4101.jpg picture by boobeezee

Although, Candz and I would have rather played Mario on Super Nintendo than done anything else!!!! MUAHHAHHAHAHHAHA!!!!!  We were screaming, laughing, crying… OBSESSED!  Mario, the things you do to people..

DSC00504.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00505.jpg picture by boobeezee
We were so happy!

Thank you to R.A.M. Squad for having us!  It was a pleasure dancing, hanging out and getting breakfast with yall. 

Brian Henninger, nice to FINALLY meet you in person.  Thanks for EVERYTHING you and Casie have done for us!  We really appreciate it and had a good time at Penn State!!
n513422035_1170004_4711.jpg picture by boobeezee

This one was way too short of a visit though.  Wish I would’ve had more time to chill.

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence


1 Response to "Essence MVMNT Moves to Pennsylvania!"

thank YOU! homie… lookin foreward to dancing with you again REAL soon forsure

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