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I’ve definitely skipped a few workshops only because I don’t have pictures or footage to post up.  If I do happen to see any floating around on the internet, I’ll post.  

Our last stop is here in Gainesville in UF.. University of Florida?!   Pretty cool campus.  I can’t get over their food court.  I’d gain so much weight if I went to school there.  Sheesh ka bob!

DSC00583.jpg picture by boobeezee

Huy Huynh aka Eric Calvario of the East was a very good manager to us the whole trip =)  He is actually also my father and has named me Uili.. don’t ask.

Apes <33s Apoc
n535358178_1672231_7508.jpg picture by boobeezee

I love their swagg and their groove and their Wu-Tangs.. I’d live in Florida just to learn how to do what they do.

We had a few people drive from 5-6 hours away to take the workshop.  Thank you to everyone who came out and to Huy for making it possible!

n2016545_52252705_6588.jpg picture by boobeezee

Made a new friend Josh.. who can’t hang in Power Hour… but who beats me in text messaging.
 n22624244_35041852_6787.jpg picture by boobeezee

I wish I had my camera took take pictures of every single person I met.  I’ll be better at it next time around.  I need to find a better way to savor these memories.  

Five states, twelve workshops, nine cities, three weeks… hOlla at cha gurl!

All in all, this tour was amazing.  Again, it was a lot quicker than our Canada tour.. I felt like we had more stops and such.  Every single person who took us in and looked out for us did a great job, and I hope to repay them some day!  I would love to visit all these cities again if the opportunity arises.  Thank you GIGI for turning all of our dreams into reality.  Dass mah gurl.. she knows whassup!  You are freakin brilliant!!!  The East Coast was HELLAMADD fun, and I will post more as soon as I can find more thangs.  

2008 = 200Great!  hahaha.  mmm.. i’m high off of life =)  Back to home.

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence


We had mucho people come to our Orlando workshop!  Thank you to AJ for hosting and thank you to everyone for coming out and letting us work yall =D  hahaha.  

DSC00576.jpg picture by boobeezee

I have too many pictures of Candace teaching haha.

Chattin after class.

DSC00579.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00577.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00580.jpg picture by boobeezee

Dancers make me cry.  It was so much fun to teach everybody and to be able to talk to them like this afterwards.  The experience is priceless.

Now.. we party.

Thank you to Reign for makin it happen =)

Cranberry and Vodka mmmmM
DSC00601.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00602.jpg picture by boobeezee

Marcjordan–Ryan Dalisay’s cousin.  SMALL WORLD!
DSC00593.jpg picture by boobeezee

We connect at the soul and ish..
DSC00596.jpg picture by boobeezee

It aint trickin if you got it
DSC00603.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00608.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00610.jpg picture by boobeezee

The end!  Off to Gainesville!

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence


Essence was hosted by Solesick and Vyb while we were in Tampa.  Angel even took some dope pics of class while they were goin on.  Get it!  Again, Tampa was a very short visit–not enough time to kick it with people, cuz of our workshop in Orlando the day after.  =/  Boo.  Nevertheless, we still had a great time.  Thank you Reign, Solesick, and Vyb for making this possible us and for your support!

l_c156da3ee5a64df0a0e26a19066d2f54.jpg picture by boobeezee

l_55ddf6f421184f5282ce661543c2b510.jpg picture by boobeezee


l_3a6e979a5fad4649a5c3ba8f145ca1b5.jpg picture by boobeezee

l_61ce54e7ad304cecb16260cefb03ab6d.jpg picture by boobeezee

l_06b8fa1caeed43bbb34b99cedc1fe972.jpg picture by boobeezee

l_1e50d6c3805843fab9ee026a55578c7a.jpg picture by boobeezee

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence

DSC00531.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00532.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00534.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00535.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00539.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00540.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00541.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00542.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00543.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00544.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00545.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00546.jpg picture by boobeezee

he’s my rOc
DSC00548.jpg picture by boobeezee

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence

How sweet is Joesar to come see me last night, even though he had to leave for home hellamadd early this morning for a Boogie Bot photoshoot…… =D  Thanks Bebb.  He’s coming back soon tho!  Can’t wait!

Meanwhile, the gurlies and I walked the streets of New York before we had to teach tonight.

DSC00516.jpg picture by boobeezee

Eating breakfast.. err.. lunch
DSC00518.jpg picture by boobeezee

At the chocolate store or whatever…
DSC00519.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00520.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00521.jpg picture by boobeezee


DSC00522.jpg picture by boobeezee

It’s a building present!!!!
DSC00523.jpg picture by boobeezee

Dude.. he’s tall.. 
DSC00524.jpg picture by boobeezee

Shortest to tallest… Candace w/ her husband
DSC00525.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00527.jpg picture by boobeezee

Mine and Gigi’s class at BDC was later… 

hOlla boogiezone!

n758118858_1060782_8671.jpg picture by boobeezee

n758118858_1065597_2399.jpg picture by boobeezee
Thank you ladies for the love and support.

Dinner after with some fun people.  Fr3sh from New Jersey
 DSC00529.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00530.jpg picture by boobeezee

n503418440_1138610_6312.jpg picture by boobeezee

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence

Wow.  It’s cold in both New Jersey AND New York!  Hahaha.. freakin cold weather everywhere on the East Coast!!!!!  

Just checkin out the architecture in Jersey…
DSC00510.jpg picture by boobeezee

It’s a nice day.

We didn’t stay too long in Jersey.  Bernie hosted us while we were out there.  We had some good conversations about the dance community in the East Coast and the dance community in the West Coast.  Gigi taught Bernie’s group while I watched YouTube haha.

Jersey <3s The Other Duck
 DSC00515.jpg picture by boobeezee

Jersey, too, was WAY TOO SHORT!  This tour in comparison to our Canada tour has been quicker.  We spend bout a day in each city!  No time to KICK IT =/ 

After one night in Jersey, we headed for good ol’ New York!  I was excited x 1,000,000 because.. JOESAR MET US AT OUR HOTEL!!

n54900120_31049297_9906.jpg picture by boobeezee

Here in New York with my boyfriend and a few of my best friends.. doing what I love to do.. again.. round two.  It’s my dream come true!  Thank you Gigi… thank you God!  I have many things to be thankful for this coming Thanxgiving =D

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence

Quick picture post…

We taught at Penn State and everyone seemed to have fun. Teaching at the college was definitely different than what I expected… Well, I actually didn’t know what to expect.  It’s always interesting to visit campuses from other states.  Each campus has it’s own vibe–culture.  Twas definitely different from what I’m used to.  

n9354137_52796524_163.jpg picture by boobeezee

n9354137_52791905_2722.jpg picture by boobeezee

We got interviewed by the school newspaper and got asked a lot of questions by students who were in their early stages of dance.  It’s a blessing to be able to offer curious students some advice and to share our experience as dancers with them.  I definitely felt blessed for this opportunity and had a lot of fun!

DSC00496.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00498.jpg picture by boobeezee


n9354137_52791906_2998.jpg picture by boobeezee

We had great students who were excited to dance in the middle of going to class!  Thanks to all those who participated and supported the MVMNT!

The weather there was funny tho–one minute it’d be sunny, then it’d rain, then it’d snow.  Couldn’t make up it’s mind!  Candace wanted to eat the snow!DSC00501.jpg picture by boobeezee

Here’s a funny pic
 n513422035_1170002_4101.jpg picture by boobeezee

Although, Candz and I would have rather played Mario on Super Nintendo than done anything else!!!! MUAHHAHHAHAHHAHA!!!!!  We were screaming, laughing, crying… OBSESSED!  Mario, the things you do to people..

DSC00504.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00505.jpg picture by boobeezee
We were so happy!

Thank you to R.A.M. Squad for having us!  It was a pleasure dancing, hanging out and getting breakfast with yall. 

Brian Henninger, nice to FINALLY meet you in person.  Thanks for EVERYTHING you and Casie have done for us!  We really appreciate it and had a good time at Penn State!!
n513422035_1170004_4711.jpg picture by boobeezee

This one was way too short of a visit though.  Wish I would’ve had more time to chill.

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence

PROVERBS 31:10-31

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