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Yesterday Maxt Out was held at the Pyramid at CSULB.  I was there from 9:00am to around 9:00pm.  Fun times haha.  I modeled for Cheryl’s Canvas line and also performed with Essence.  First off, thank you Kooch for another opportunity to model for you.  I’m honored that you would trust your magnificent designs on a horrifying sack of fat that I refer to as my body =P  Just kidding!!!!!!!  On the real tho, representing you and working with you is truly an honor for me.  Thank you, Ms. Other Duck!  

Nextly, being on stage with Essence was a thrill.  We haven’t performed together in FOREVER and I hope that we continue to do this regularly cuz all of these ladies are the shizzznit.  Have you seen us?  =P  If not, here you go

Missing:  Adele and Cleng

It feels great to be up there with you guys.  Thank you for learning my piece.  Thank you for being brilliant dancers who challenge me and push me to become better.  Thank you for bringing happiness into my life!!!!!!!!! =)

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the Other Duck booth and who watched us perform!

I’d just quickly like to mention a few groups who I happened to watch and was completely disgusted by…
1)  GRV- sickening.  You all work so hard and put on strong performances all the time.  You all are AMAZING!!!!!  Babyboy Bam… I hate you… that’s all.  
2)  Poreotics- uggggghhhh!!!!!!  What planet did you guys come from?!  Yall brought something different to the stage and held it down with only THREE of you.  Abso-freakin-lutely disgusting.
3)  Choreo Cookies- no words.  Those who haven’t seen these fools perform yet, you just have to see em.. and you’ll understand why.

And another group–BREED… which I AM AN EXTENDED FAMILY MEMBER OF–yes, i have claimed that position for myself =P …. they always come wid it.  I highly respect the members of breed as dancers and as positive influences in the entire dance community.  HOLLA!!  I only see bigger and better things for Boogiezone.  whOOp!  The future of dance is gon’ be crackin! 

Overall, Maxt Out was coo.  Not sure if I’m feelin the all-day show thang… but.. it was fun to see people I haven’t seen in a while and to be gathered together, once again, in the name of dance.  I love it!

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence


Found some of our stuff on YouTube!  Holleration!!!!!

Maryam and Vadim doing our choreography to Musiq’s “Radio”

Olga and Max doing Gigi’s choreography to Miguel’s “Let’s Just Be” 


in God we trust
<33 apes x essence

As soon as Gigi and I got back from Canada, we had to leave again… this time for the Ukraine!  Gigi got invited to choreograph for So You Think You Can Dance out here and asked me to come along and assist.  Yay!  More traveling!  

Our first flight flew from LAX to Paris Charles de Gaulle in France.  It lasted for 10 hours… both Gigi and I had swollen throats–both got sick in the bay somehow.  We were late for our connecting flight.

Luckily our next flight was delayed, so we made it on time.  From France to the Ukraine, our flight was 3 hours.  The minute we got there, Andrey was waiting for us with a sign that said “Gigi Torres” and with an interviewer from one of the news shows in Ukraine.

That interview was featured later that night.  The show here is pretty big already.  It has the most ratings the Ukraine has ever had, I think… something like that…..  Hip Hop isn’t really huge here in the Ukraine either, so for these dancers to be a part of something like this is HUGE!!!  They’re goin down in history as one of the first dancers who are going to create a social and artistic change towards dance in Kiev =P

On the stage.

The other day, we had a meeting with Jeff, the producer of the American SYTYCD and Dmitry.  Surprisingly, Jeff remembered me and gave me the nicest hug ever–didn’t expect that.  Dmitry… has very nice hair =)  He remembered me too.  It was quite a shock seeing them in another country.  Never thought that’d happen!  The meeting with them was very inspirational.  I was happy to see them, and hope to see them throughout the rest of this week too.

Yee!!!  I’ll try to post more pics later…. I can barely get any internet here when I have free time, so I’m rushing this post cuz our drivers are picking us up soon–gotta go to rehearsal on the stage today.  

Gigi’s phone was stolen at the mall here.  Whack sauce.

Another p.s.
They don’t have meat here…. I mean.. they do.. but.. dang.  I need BEEFF!!!!!  No wonder why everyone’s skinny.

Another p.s.
I’ve been living off of McDonald’s and sushi

Another p.s.
I’m still sick!

Another p.s.
I love Sisco Gomez!  He’s brilliant! 

Overall, I love it though.  Dancers and the people at the channel are cool.  They make it fun.  If not, I’d be dying. 

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence


It was just me and Gigi.. and all I have is this.

Thank you Mappy for having us.  It was a pleasure to teach at the studio!  Class was dope.  I was glad to see a lot of familiar faces, but not so familiar dancing.  You guys have gotten better!  Please keep up the good work!  I hope to see you guys very soon!!  Thank you to everyone for supporting our movement! =D

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence

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