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Montreal is Craaaackin!

Posted on: September 18, 2008

After we dropped Joesar off at the airport, Geeg and Audge taught at Steve Bolton‘s studio 8Count.  I watched my first Blueprint video ever and was freakin captivated by their FREAKING AMAZING PERFORMANCE at Carnival.  Apparently, this was a really long time ago… aaand where have I been?  Check these girls out.  I love their energy… there are only a few of them, but their energy commands the stage.. FREAKIN AMAZING!!

check out Steve Bolton too… I really wanna take class from him!!!!

Steve took us downtown and we explored like curious tourists.  I didn’t buy anything, but it was mucho fun browsing.  So far, Essence has explored four different downtown cities in the past three weeks–(Seattle, Vancouver, Quebec, and Montreal)… wish I had a camera to capture all of our crazy moments, but there are plenty of videos that still need uploading… aaand in the meantime.. I have these….

DSC00058.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00061.jpg picture by boobeezee

We’re meant to be here
 DSC00062.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00078.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00065.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00067.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00066.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00068.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00071.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00072.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00074.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00075.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00069.jpg picture by boobeezee

DSC00070.jpg picture by boobeezee

We find food!!!


Tis all for now.  The gurlies and I are currently watching Transformers at Steve’s place.  whOoop!  This is probably my fourth time seeing this movie.  Love it!  Update more later!

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence

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Your camera takes good pictures!

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