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MVMNT Workshop #3 San Francisco–another beautiful day

Posted on: August 28, 2008

To all of those who attended the workshop last Saturday, thank you so much for your energy, hardwork, and for taking the time to spend a day with us!  We’re extremely grateful to have had you there!  The majority of the students took all four classes.  I love seeing when people do that… push themselves to the limit.  It amazes me and reminds me to keep pushing myself in the same way.  

If anyone has pictures, please send them my way so I can post them up here!  I wanna remember the day as much as possible.  

Thank you, dancers, for attending this workshop and pushing yourselves by taking the classes back to back!  You all inspire me and give us reason to keep doing what we’re doing.





Thank you Candz, Audge, and Geeg for teaching amazing pieces–as always.  I love dancing with you and growing with you.  I get to spend the next month of my life traveling with my sistahs, meeting new people with my sistahs, and strengthening ourselves as dancers and women as we continue to do what it is we’re doing.  Essence on the rise… couldn’t have asked for a better group of ladies.  

Thank you Tang for joining us.  I’ve missed you so much partner!!!  Please come back soon so I can start taking Boogiezone classes again.

Thank you God for allowing me this unique opportunity.. for blessing my friends with amazing talent and for putting them in my life… for everything that’s already happened and for everything that’s about to happen.

Next stop:  Seattle, Washington for Nick and Anna’s wedding.. AND to kick off the Essence MVMNT Canada tour.  Whoop!  Be back in SoCal at the end of September.

Video:  Essence @ rehearsal, getting ready for our Canada tour.  Gigi pops her knee =(

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence

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