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Rino and Maryss: Nasty Girl

Posted on: August 11, 2008

I just gotta give it up for these ladies.  They are probably my most favorite female performers in this time.  I love watching people DANCE.  Some people dance.. but sommme people REEEEEEALLY DANCE.These ladies always have so much character in their routines.. not just in their facial expressions.  By watching closely, you can tell that they FEEL the groove and that their moves are really inspired by the music.  It’s in their body language.  The big-ness of it… the bounce and rhythm in it… the precise timing.. the intensity versus fluidity… the attitude.  It may look easy.  It looks fun and simple.. oh, but that’s the whole point.  There’s a secret!  There’s a lot more to it that sets Rino and Maryss aside from those who haven’t learned that secret yet!  Not anybody can move THAT crispy without real understanding of body control, a keen eye for what looks good, and a love for the music.  To be able to combine all those, have enough stamina to execute.. perform… AND add a little more flavah on it…… that’s madd talent.

Side note:  Dancers don’t get enough recognition for the hard work they put into their talent.  Some people look at dancers and say, “Oh ya.. Hip Hop?  Bouncing around like that?  That’s just fun stuff… not something anyone should turn into a career.  I can do that!  Piece of cake!”  People should attempt things before they assume how difficult it is.  Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.  Great dancers have learned ways to make their work look extremely easy… after all, why would anyone want to watch a dancer who looks like their having a difficult time executing a movement or a performance?  A feeling of accomplishment comes when a dancer, through experiment and practice, discovers something is difficult, then eventually does it with ease, making it enjoyable for others to watch.  Audiences don’t see all that.  It takes one to know one, I guess.  I’m glad that we live in an era where the urban choreography and hip hop scene is exploding.  More people, namely those who look down on the arts and street culture, need to learn how to appreciate artists for their passion and creativity.  We work hard too.  That’s all.

in God we trust
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