In God She Trusts

Goodbye XCreek

Posted on: August 7, 2008

Former Cross inhabitants:  Allibon, Tony, Lawrence, and Me
I miss them =( 

About two weeks ago, my roommates and I moved out of our beautiful apartment.  It was “home” to many, many people across the OC.  Our door was always open… literally… I don’t think I owned a key to my own place.  Allibon lived there the longest, but for as long as she lived in Xcreek, other people felt welcome there too.  I’ll never forget last summer…. Ohhh… last summer.  For those of you who were around then, you know what I’m talking about.  Smarter people probably would’ve tried their best to stay away from Cross with all the festivities goin on pretty much every second of both day and night.  What were we thinking?!  Of all the places I’ve ever lived in Irvine, Cross was the only place I could call my home, though.  It’s probably because of whatever was going on in my crazy, chaotic life… but it was also the comfort that my roommates and friends were able to provide me… just through their presence.  I loved it.  Xcreek, you are already missed.

You know you’ve been to Xcreek when you’ve:

-been humped by napoleon
-seen arlene poke her head out to ask for quiet late at night
-heard tony and allibon fight and/or do it
-seen april intoxicated
-checked out jennylyn
-been to the 3rd floor
-stepped on wet carpet
-been scared by the giant giraffe coming out of the bathroom
-had food cooked by ro, jed, or van
-played guitar hero and lost to lawrence or van
-been convinced to havE fun

-had a cig on the balcony
-been crowded into the master bedroom when the cops came by
-been taken to the lake by lawrence/april
-been curious to start watching naruto
-been forced to try the “new” shot glasses!
-know who the “bay boys” are
-park across the street because its closer than actually parking within the complex itself
-caught yourself speaking w/ the xcreek accent and/or saying “RRRRRRALLLLLPH!!!….” and/or saying “-adias” after every word
– exchanged youtube clips (ohhh nooo not againnnn!!)
– bloxors!!
– wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is walk around the whole apt to see who is still here
– witnessed april leave for work.. drunk… and/or.. late…
– participated in a jam session with jed or trandrew.. and thought it was better than karaoke
– opened the door to the apartment and thought, “wow.. who are these people?!”
– walked the dogs late at night
– jumped the gate to the pool/jacuzzi 
– nuni
– urban rage

and many more amazing things!!!!

I miss Irvine.  I miss having my own place.  
Long Beach sucks. 

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence


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