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WORLD Hip Hop Dance Championships: Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas

Posted on: August 6, 2008

Dude.  Kaba Modern rocks my zapatos.


3rd in the world!!!! CONGRATS!!!!  Way to hold it down, Modern!!!


Competitors:  MY BEST FRIEND Allison Vicencio (ya she’s sexy and she flips in the beginning.. whatchu know bout that), Chiell Ann Pereira, DJ Casis, Geoffrey Lee, Hikari Murakami, Kristina Bui, Paul Tiu, Shawn Duong

“This is like the Olympics of dance and we get to perform in it!!!!!”
 –Jia Huang, ABDC, Kaba Modern Legacy Artistic Director

video available on facebook

Being able to share the stage w/ Modern again felt amazing.  It made me think back on the old days… the partying.. the performing… the laughs.. the tears… the frustration… the joys…. EVERYTHING.  Modern came at a pretty chaotic time in my life, but I enjoyed it overall.  What a ride!  You think you know…  Irvine wouldn’t mean so much to me without the presence of these fools in my life.  Irvine and my college experience at UCI wouldn’t mean anything actually without these guys haha.  I’m glad Trandrew and Cleng convinced me to go.  How could I have passed it up?  So many of us haven’t danced together in FOREVER.. and at a venue like Planet Hollywood?!  ShoooooOt.  That junk was craackin!

Random old pics:


Thank you to geniuses Jaybee and Cleng for makin Skippin work =D  I couldn’t have done it without you guys… shoot.. I really DIDN’T do it without you guys.  Thanks for having the brains that I lack and for everything you’ve done with the piece =D

And to the CHAMPIONS of the entire event:  The Philippine All Stars
What the hell do I say to that?!?!??!  You wouldn’t even be able to understand how much respect I have for these fools.  I wanna just be around them 24.7 so I can be in the presence of their energy y’kno?  These guys don’t play!  Shoot, even I wanna be an All Star!!!!  

I’d LOVE to be in a team that does THIS!

No joke.  Teach me the meaning of discipline.. the meaning of dedication… the meaning of unity.. the meaning of teamwork.  I’d LOVE this.


I love how they rep the Philippines.  It makes me proud… and ashamed at the same time, cuz I haven’t taken enough time to learn about my culture.  I was born there.. spent a chunk of my childhood there… have parents who follow Filipino tradition very closely… but I could do more to preserve the culture in myself and in my family.  Thank you for making me see that… I <33 the All Stars.

There were a bunch of teams from different countries who competed.  Everyone repped hard.  It was a DOPE show!  The KIDS blew my freakin mind away.  I actually think some of the junior teams stomped on some of the adult teams–just my opinion =P  


WooOOo!  Time to train…
till next time =)

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence


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