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Holler.  This will be the first friends-wedding I’ll attend.. if that makes sense.  I mean… they are the first of my friends to get married, and I’m happy to be here to experience this wonderful day with them.  Update on the wedding after it happens.. I know I’m gonna cry.  

More new Essence videos

Iggnacy on tour

Cheryl Koo–designer of the Other Duck

Canada here we come!!!

Update:  Nick and Anna’s first wedding dance as Mr. and Mrs. Golla

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence


To all of those who attended the workshop last Saturday, thank you so much for your energy, hardwork, and for taking the time to spend a day with us!  We’re extremely grateful to have had you there!  The majority of the students took all four classes.  I love seeing when people do that… push themselves to the limit.  It amazes me and reminds me to keep pushing myself in the same way.  

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MAGIConline logoWe, The Other Duck, had our own booth at Magic Fashion Trade Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center this past week.  It was definitely a unique experience for me… being in the fashion world and getting to see the hype in this industry.  I didn’t realize how big it was actually gonna be.  Magic took up the entire convention space–two floors.  “It’s like a fashion science fair,” said Jet Li.  =P  I wish I took pictures–booths, half pipes, skaters, freestylers, dj’s, clothing, art, music… that convention center was full of so many people and so much inspiring art and talent.

The Other Duck met a lot of people, made some cool friends.  A few of us performed–Me, Gigi, Joesar Alva, Miguel Almario, Mary Neville, Jovver Fortuno, Jet Li, and Cheryl Koo.  We had the opportunity to open for the Jabbawockeez on their stage.  Those fools are still so inspiring.  It was the highlight of my experience there–dancing in the aisles, dancing on the stage, dancing by the booth, dancing everywhere, being with dope people, and spending my last few days with my boyfriend who I won’t be seeing in a long while.  

Guess I’ll post pics when I get em!  I’ll post the performance too.  That junk was fun! =P

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence

Usual dinner after rehearsal.  Iggnacy… pre-workshop.

I LOVE THESE LADIES!  Just a little over a year ago, Gigi asked Audrey, Candace, and I to teach at our first Essence workshop in Las Vegas.

August, 2007 


Audge and Candz


It’s crazy what we’ve been through as a group since these days.  These past times don’t feel like too long ago… but it does at the same time.  I must say, I’m damn honored to be around these ladies as much as I get the chance to be.  They give me constant motivation to become better and to challenge myself.  I have to push in order to keep up with them, y’kno?  It aint easy rollin w/ these chicks.  I don’t know how they do it–they dance everyday.. teach here, teach there… perform here, perform there… learn this, learn that…. but they most def inspire me and keep me on my toes.  Sistahs from another motha–Motha Essence =)

Holler to the rest of the Essence Ladies.  Everytime I’m at Stylz w/ these women, I’m overwhelmed by the amount of talent I’m surrounded by.  Thank you for bein hardworking, passionate, and beautiful women.  I am honored.

Bay area for Mvmnt Workshop #3 tomorrow.  New Essence X Other Duck collabos…. whatchu kno bout that?!  See ya!

p.s.  Candz aka Soul Twin is sickening

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence

Mine and Kayce

Audge and Knicole

Gigi and Moe 

Rino and Maryss



wOooOo!  2 down, 50 billlion more to go!
BAY AREA, here we come.

What’s up with all these people bitin ideas these days…. it’s escalated from choreo… to ideas…
What a shame.  Give credit where it’s due. 
Whack attack.

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence

I just gotta give it up for these ladies.  They are probably my most favorite female performers in this time.  I love watching people DANCE.  Some people dance.. but sommme people REEEEEEALLY DANCE.These ladies always have so much character in their routines.. not just in their facial expressions.  By watching closely, you can tell that they FEEL the groove and that their moves are really inspired by the music.  It’s in their body language.  The big-ness of it… the bounce and rhythm in it… the precise timing.. the intensity versus fluidity… the attitude.  It may look easy.  It looks fun and simple.. oh, but that’s the whole point.  There’s a secret!  There’s a lot more to it that sets Rino and Maryss aside from those who haven’t learned that secret yet!  Not anybody can move THAT crispy without real understanding of body control, a keen eye for what looks good, and a love for the music.  To be able to combine all those, have enough stamina to execute.. perform… AND add a little more flavah on it…… that’s madd talent.

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Studio 429 was craaaackin yesterday.  A lot of people came… a lot of people challenged themselves and took all five classes.  What!??  Who does that?!  Dedicated people!  I love that.  Seeing people work hard gives me the energy and inspiration to keep pushin myself even harder.  Dope stuff.  Thank you to everyone who came for spending a day with us ladies and for being great students and sick dancers!  Thanks to 429 for being wonderful to us and for having us there.  Thank you to all the instructors for amazing classes!!!!  Thank you Kayce–even though you weren’t there, I missed you lots and really wished you were.  Knics, we missed you too girl!  Wished yall could see all the amazing students who took class!  Thank you Essence, for being the wonderful women you are–for challenging me daily through dance and through our struggles in life.  Thank you ladies for making my dreams come true!  Glad to be a part of this Mvmnt forreal.

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