In God She Trusts

Essence MVMNT Workshop: Stylz, West Covina

Posted on: July 20, 2008

check below for videos

Thank you to everyone who attended our workshop.  WhOoooooO!  We most def had a great time and were glad to have a wonderful turn out.  A lot of people took all five classes.  Even Sevin herself said during her class, “I don’t know about you guys!  You got Gigi’s AND Rino’s after this?!  Good for you, but I’m done!!!”  We sold a bunch of our Vote For Twitch . Other Duck shirts.  Ya, he’s gonna win this thang!  I know it!  SYTYCD is Twitch’s!!!!!!  Thank you to everyone who purchased Other Duck clothing… yall looked mighty fly, if I must say so for myself.  I betta see that junk in class more often =) 

Gotta give it up to all the instructors for leading DOPE classes.  Janet, you’re style always taps into another side of me.  Thank you for your energy and your motivation.  Thank you for sharing your creativity with all of us. 


Cleng and Adeez, thank you ladies for bringin us back to the 90s.  Ghost Town DJ’s, “My Boo”…. wOoooooO!  Thass my jam right there!  I especially loved Adele’s floorwork at the end.  Go b-girl!  We definitely need more of that in the dance world!

Sevin came and taught us a pretty ghetto routine.  Thanks for that gurl.  In the midst of all these isolations and beat hitting, I forget how to really dance sometimes.  Sevin brought that to class… Dope performer!  Dope energy!  Be on the lookout for her at our next workshop in Encinitas!!!

Geeg‘s class… Need I say anything bout this crazy gurl right here?!  She’s crazy.  That’s all!  She always comes wid it!!  She brings out the hard in all of us ladies.  

Last but not least, the phenomenal Rino Nakasone.  We are definitely glad to have her supporting our Movement.  We feel privileged and honored to be able to share the floor with her like this.  She’ll be teaching at our next workshop too.  Hope to see yall there!  Check out some of her vids on YouTube, if you haven’t already done so.  She’s undoubtedly my favorite female dancer EVER!!!

Yap.. we aint playin no mo.  

Congrats to all the raffle winners and to everyone who survived the day.  This is just the start.  Hope to see you guys at our future workshops!!!!

in God we trust
<33 apes x essence


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