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Common Ground Juniors Class: Aliso Viejo, CA

Posted on: July 16, 2008

I taught Common Ground Juniors yesterday in Aliso, and it was probably my first time teaching a group of younger students.  They were beginners… really shy at first, so I had to change my pace so that they could understand.  I love learning new things like this.  The more people I teach, I’m starting to pick up a lot of lessons.  Lesson learned:  It’s important to understand the level your students are in.  Don’t be teachin’ advanced choreography to kids who don’t dance much.  They don’t understand it, yet… and if you’re gonna attempt to do that, be a good teacher.  If you’re gonna expect them to do a harder routine, educate them on how to do it right.  Have the patience to explain it to them.  That might be too much for them to handle.  Chill out.  Teach em something they can handle.  

They did well.  I got em to laugh at my jokes, but I also probably got a little deep on them.  Some kids came to class wearing fitted jeans and nice shirts… dressed up way nice for a dance class.. more like they went to class for social reasons.  I lectured a little.  I take dancing pretty seriously.. but.. that’s just the kind of teacher and student I’ve become in pursuing my passion for this.  If people wanna learn seriously, I’ll teach you.. seriously.  I did my best.  I didn’t get through the whole routine, like I thought I would, but I have a better idea now of what a “beginner” routine should be like and what my attitude should be in teaching them.  Some kids just wanna have fun wid it.  Hope they liked it!

Thank you to Common Ground for bringing me out!  I loved it, and would love to do that again!

in God we trust
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