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Thank you to everyone who attended our workshop.  WhOoooooO!  We most def had a great time and were glad to have a wonderful turn out.  A lot of people took all five classes.  Even Sevin herself said during her class, “I don’t know about you guys!  You got Gigi’s AND Rino’s after this?!  Good for you, but I’m done!!!”  We sold a bunch of our Vote For Twitch . Other Duck shirts.  Ya, he’s gonna win this thang!  I know it!  SYTYCD is Twitch’s!!!!!!  Thank you to everyone who purchased Other Duck clothing… yall looked mighty fly, if I must say so for myself.  I betta see that junk in class more often =) 

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A couple reasons why my birthday wasn’t so eventful:  
1)  I was sick
2)  Elm took away two of my closest friends to Florida
Boo to all of you!  I’m just kidding.  I know they’re havin a great time over there.  Boogiezone is gettin pretty crazy.  I’m glad that it’s starting to expand to other states and other countries.  Boogiezone is touchin the world, and I’m definitely glad to play even a little part of it.  Videographer right here =)  I get a lot of my training from Boogiezone classes.  I don’t know how different I’d be without Boogiezone in my life.  It came exactly at the right time… when my passion began to build up for dance.  Thanks Elm.  I feel like I owe you LOTS!

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I taught Common Ground Juniors yesterday in Aliso, and it was probably my first time teaching a group of younger students.  They were beginners… really shy at first, so I had to change my pace so that they could understand.  I love learning new things like this.  The more people I teach, I’m starting to pick up a lot of lessons.  Lesson learned:  It’s important to understand the level your students are in.  Don’t be teachin’ advanced choreography to kids who don’t dance much.  They don’t understand it, yet… and if you’re gonna attempt to do that, be a good teacher.  If you’re gonna expect them to do a harder routine, educate them on how to do it right.  Have the patience to explain it to them.  That might be too much for them to handle.  Chill out.  Teach em something they can handle.  

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